About me


We all have to wear a mask once in a while whether it is to blend in with a group of people, to give the impression that our life is perfect on social networks, to impress our new coworkers or to not disappoint the expectations of our loved one. There are a thousand reasons why we feel like we must act a certain way in society and if you are like me, there are probably days that you want to go out in the street and yell loudly: BUT WHY?

Here’s the truth: I am clueless.

And not just about why we are all respecting the unwritten rules of this big masquerade called life, about everything.

If you came on this blog hoping to find the answers to all of your questions about success and happiness, you’ll be disappointed. This blog is about how to survive your twenties.

If you are like me, you’ll agree that in this modern world, deciding who you are and who you want to be is hard, stressful and confusing. We have millions of options offered to us daily. We can go anywhere, do anything and be anyone which is pretty damn amazing, but also, so complicated and nerve racking.

Most people call me a realistic person (and they might be slightly delusional), but I intend to keep my blog honest. Sometimes, you will read articles on how to adapt to what is expected of you and other times, I will write about how those things don’t matter. However, please note that most of the time, my heart wants you to know that the “fuck this, I’ll do what I want attitude” is the best.

This blog is for you to read in your moments of desperation. When life gets hard and you lay down in bed awake at night, I sincerely hope that you will find After The Masquerade useful tips and advice, more importantly comfort in my words.

Also, being from Montreal and being eager to live life and have fun most of the time, I will include a few posts about this awesome city!


My name is Chloé Dumont and I am a 25 years old French-Canadian girl from Montréal. I have decided to start this blog after officially dropping out of school and wanting to share my thoughts and advice on this confusing world. Also, I obviously happen to love writing.

Often in my life I have felt as I didn’t fit in and after high school, it was clear that I didn’t want the same life as most people around me (going to college-getting married-buying a house- and having babies kind of life). Of course, there is nothing wrong with a more traditional life, I just knew it wasn’t for me. Yet, I am definitely guilty of trying to act a certain way in order to please people or society once in a while (most of the time, without realizing it). However, staying true to my self and maintaining my integrity has always been important to me and I am always fighting to find was is right for me.

How to describe me? Well, I believe that my friends and family will agree with me by saying that I am a straightforward, honest, sarcastic, calm, strong and kind of crazy person. I also, extremely organized, obsessive, driven and focus when needed. I love hard work and I have a hard time asking for help. I weirdly enjoy having an unstable life and I change my mind about life almost every week (which is very inconvenient). I am also an anxious person who tends to be too hard on myself but I am sure this feels familiar to a lot of you.

Of course I am not perfect so I don’t have perfect answers for everybody, but I do have one advice to finish this presentation: enjoy your twenties and have the courage to do what feels right while you are still young.