People are always complimenting me on my Matt&Nat “July” bag. I get it, it is the perfect shade of grey and just simple enough to be an elegant backpack (thanks to my boyfriend for this gift!). However, it’s getting annoying, cause it is pretty much the only thing that people notice about me these days…like what about my beautiful eyes?.

No but seriously, I am in LOVE with my bag too and I adore Matt&Nat as a brand (#vegan).

It inspired me to do the very classic blog post listing everything that I bring around with me!

whats in my bag

MY WALLET – How to know it’s a gift from my boyfriend? It’s an actual brand! However, I do love this wallet! It has been in perfect condition ever since I received it about a year and a half ago (normally the ones I get from Aldo don’t survive a year) and I love the bright pink color. (fossil)

A BOOK – My favourite place to read in the world is in the metro or in the bus. For this reason, I always bring a book with me. Right now, I am in the mood for a light and fun read so I went with Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella.

A PORTABLE CHARGER – About a month ago, my phone went for a little trip down my toilet. It was a scary moment, but it survived after a weekend under rice. However, ever since that traumatic event, the battery has been awful. For this reason, I always have a portable charger with me and it has save my life more than once.(I hate not having music when I’m in public transportation or walk) (Insignia – best buy)

HEADPHONES – If I am not with someone or watching television, I am most likely listening to music. I will seriously be late to work if I forget my headphones at home in order to go get them. (cheapest ones I could find on amazon cause I break them so fast)

MY MAKEUP ESSENTIAL AND PERFUME – I always bring a few lipsticks (4 to 6) with me and a lip balm (Burt’s bees is my favourite brand). Also, I keep my favorite concealer with me aka the new instant age rewind by Maybelline that is super easy to apply and blend on the go. I also like to have a little perfume with me. This one is Rosewood from Banana Republic and I must confess that it has been in my bag for about 4 years.

GLASSES AND CONTACT SOLUTION – I always have glasses with me in case something goes bad with my contacts or my eyes get dry. For the same reason, I also keep contact solution with me. This is crucial when you wear contacts and something gets stuck in them and you are crying from one eye.

SUNGLASSES – I don’t even know why I bring them around, since I NEVER wear sunglasses. I always thought the world is not as pretty with them on, so they normally stay in the darkness of my bag. However, my eyes are still sensitive and I have regretted often enough to not have them, so now they stay with me at all time. (H&M)

A WATCH – This is me being paranoid my phone and my portable charger will die on me and I will have no clue what time it is… and that would freak me out way too much. ( Spring)

UMBRELLA – I live in freaking Canada and the weather changes constantly. So, believe it or not, I always have an umbrella in case the temperature changes and it starts to rain! (12$ – simons)

HAT – Sometimes you just want to cover your hair for various reasons. For this reason, I always have a hat with me and it has been one of my best ideas so far in 2017. (Nike  – Simons)

MYSTIFYING MINTS BOX – You might not know this about me, but I love supernatural stuff and I thought those Ouija mints were great. Now that I don’t have any mints left, I still wanted to keep the box as I find it funny. Now, I just keep the box and I fil lit with bobby pins and hair elastics. It is probably the weirdest thing in my bag. (Oscar – 6356 st-hubert, Montréal)

Yep. I bring a lot of stuff with me.

What about you?


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