I love eating. It’s amazing. It makes me happy.

I also dislike (HATE) cooking, which means that restaurants are one of my favourite things in the world. They are amazing. They make me really happy, especially if they are not expensive (and good).

So here are four of my current favourite restaurants in Montreal for each meals of the day, including a little snack/coffee break!

tsak tsak

  1. BRUNCH : TSAK TSAK (280 Rue Beaubien East)

I discovered this place last summer and it has been a favourite ever since. My friends, family and I have tried a few things on the menu on different occasions and it has always been great! Their menu is printed on sheets of paper and put together on a clipboard which gives a weird first impression, but be assured that the food is always presented nicely and very good (they have a lot of things that are homemade too). Also, the owners are really lovely and seem to truly care about their customers, which is always a big plus in my book. My favourite things to have there are either a classic breakfast with eggs, potatoes and bacon or their crepes! Also, they claim to have the best lemonade in the world and I must agree that it is awesome.

  1. LUNCH: PITA GOURMET (525 Boulevard Rosemont)

This is my favourite place to get a shish taouk pita in Montreal (I love garlic sauce). They are not expensive and really big. Pita Gourmet actually offers a few different options of pita (even with tzatziki!) to get and many salads to try. Even though it is a fast food style restaurant, the room to eat is nicely decorated. Of course, it is also perfect to bring back home if you leave in the neighbourhood. But if I’m being really honest, my favourite thing there is also the service by the owner who is SO kind and inviting (and he really deserves a shout out). So, if you are around the Rosemont metro station, stop by this place to encourage him instead of the fast food chain like Basha and Amir! You won’t regret it! (sorry for lack of picture at the moment)


  1. COFFEE: CHIADO #28 (1404 beaubien Est)

I love this place so much (and not just because it looks really good on my Instagram feed). The service is always perfect, there are a lot of good options for snacks and the lattes are delicious. But, seriously, how cute is this place? There’s even a mezzanine!!! Like WOW. Also, in general, I love to go in cafes to write and I enjoy a nice decor since it is more inspiring and relaxing. Conclusion, this place is perfect for all of you bloggers/instagrammers 😉


  1. DINNER: NGUYEN PHI (6260 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges)

I love this restaurant with all of my heart. It’s me and my boyfriend’s go to place to eat during the week (we used to go literally every week when I had a Monday to Friday job). It is without a doubt the best pho I have had in Montreal and they actually offer many options of warm meals also. The service is always fast (especially when they know what you take) and the food is always P-E-R-F-E-C-T. We always take the same thing: a large chicken soup for me and my boyfriend takes the Combo A which consist of vermicelli, chicken, salad, 2 spring rolls and a small soup.

What about you, any recommendation on where to eat  in Montreal?




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