The great thing about drugstore makeup is their relatively low prices, however, we all know that it rarely equals the level of quality of the high end products. BUT there are still some good products that I used everyday that are from the drugstore isles and I always do my best to get them only when they are on sale #budgetlife

Ready are not, here’s my top 5!

1.New instant age rewind – dark circle eraser – MAYBELLINE (color neutralizer)

This is my favourite drugstore product of all time and I have emptied at least 10 of these babies. It has been all over the beauty community on Youtube and blogs for a while and I can confirm that it’s for a valid reason (not just sponsorship money). It blends well, gives great coverage, and it’s easy to apply and reasonably priced… which is pretty much everything I could dream of in a concealer.

2. Super Lustrous Lipstick – REVLON (colors: porcelain pink, wine with everything and black cherry)

I used to be a sucker for the lip butter colorburst by this same brand (and I still enjoy them), however, last fall I discovered the superlustrous lipstick and they are so great! For an every day wear, the color porcelain pink is a perfect neutral pink. If I want a pop of color without being a bright red, I love to go with wine with everything and for the fall and a really dramatic look, I am in love with the dark purple shade named black cherry. In total, I have tried about 8 colors and they all strongly pigmented and they don’t dry out your lips. I got most of them for about $6. That’s pretty good in my books.

3. True match LUMI powder glow illuminator (blush & highlight) – L’ORÉAL (N202 rose)

In general, blush and bronzer are something I purchase at Sephora since they last literally for years and the pigmentation is often horrible in drugstore makeup (or is it just me?) However, I really love this illuminator! It is a really pretty and the perfect subtle shade to put at the top of cheeks, on the bridge of your nose and on all of those places you want to highlight. However, I am going to be honest, I never used the blush part of this palette, but I have used the highlights for more than a year, so I still recommend it strongly!

4. Brow precise fiber volumizer mascara – MAYBELLINE (soft brown)

This is a new product in my life and I have been using it for only three weeks. I mostly enjoy it because it makes my morning makeup routine faster than ever. You littery just have to color your brows by brushing them softly and you’re good to go. It is not as perfect and precise than using a pencil or powder, but it is good enough for me on a regular basis!

5. Revlon colorstay foundation for normal/dry skin – REVLON (110 ivory)

I have been using this foundation since the beginning of March and I have been enjoying how it blends without any effort (with my beauty blender). Also, it is a medium to high coverage foundation  which is perfect to cover my acne and because the lightest shade is very pale (cause yes, very often the lightest color is still too dark for me in the winter). Honestly, I find it just has good as most high end foundation I have tried, especially if I take the time to blend it and it I recommend everybody to give it a try before spending $50 at Sephora on a new foundation.

Oh! And BIG SHOUT OUT to the real techniques brushes. I didn’t put them in my top 5 cause they are not a “product”, but they are best brushes you can find for cheap without a doubt!!

Tell me, what are you drugstore favourites?


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  1. I’m obsessed with LA Girl Concealers which are kind of drugstore. I’m such a sucker for drugstore products though. I really enjoyed the blog post! Feel free to check out my most recent post too!


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