Like most of us in our twenties, we tend to live on a budget and that’s why we tend to be excited when we find cheap, but efficient products! That’s why I was so happy to discover the Maui Moisture brand!

photo maui moisture

As you can see in this picture, here are the main three products that I use from this brand. First, I chose the bamboo shampoo and conditioner to help strengthen and repair my overly damaged hair. First, let me just say they smell freaking delicious. Also, they actually do what they claim. After using them for a month, I noticed that my hair looked stronger and the ends were not breaking as much as usual which is exactly what I needed for my hair.

However, this isn’t the perfect product to get soft and silky hair. They do have some shampoo that focuses more on that aspect, but I knew it wasn’t my priority (I have been loosing hair like crazy for the past 3 months and it is freaking me out).

But, I still wanted my hair to feel softer! That’s why I recently decided to purchase the shea butter mask and I sincerely enjoy it as much as the macadamia deep repair mask (that I clearly cannot afford anymore). I have tried using it both as an actual mask and as a leave in conditioner. When I used it as a treatment, I tried to leave it in my hair for more than 5 minutes while being in the shower and then I rinse it out completely. For the leave in conditioner, which is the way I get the best results, I still use both the shampoo and the conditioner before. Then, right after my shower, I take a tiny amount of the mask and I comb in thought my hair evenly. At first, I was scared it would be too heavy for my extra-thin hair, but turn out the product is light and this trick makes my hair extremely soft.

In Canada, these products seem to be available in most drugstores. You should notice them quite fast since they have gorgeous packaging.

I should mention an awesome thing about this company all of their products are vegan, natural and don’t contain chemicals such as Sulfates, silicones and Parabens which is amazing considering I got all of those products for less than 10$ each!

Is it me, or this is close to perfection?

What about you, what is your favourite hair care brand and why?


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