50 little things that make me happy

They say being grateful for the little things will make you happier and it is true. I have learned in the past year to NOTICE all the small things that makes me feel better. Here is a small list!

  • New episodes of Grey’s anatomy
  • Bring your own wine restaurants
  • Listening to country music while driving towards a little adventure
  • Watching the stars and the moon
  • Having a serious talk about supernatural stuff
  • Eating (YES, I can eat all of that plate)
  • Going to see a movie by myself
  • Dancing with my friends to music we know all the lyrics
  • Brunch (all day, every day)
  • Laughing with strangers after something crazy happened
  • Talking about grey’s anatomy
  • The first snow of the year
  • Spending time with my mother
  • Watching Netflix with my cat (my boyfriend is fine also)
  • Listening to country music any time (I have no shame)
  • Going to a see concert of my favourite singers (I also love how people all get together)
  • Making my boyfriend watch my favourite shows/movies
  • Going for a walk on a nice summer night
  • Drinking just a little bit too much with friends
  • Not ever having to drive on a road trip (cause I still don’t know how to)
  • Iced cappuccino from Tim Horton (#Canadian)
  • Discovering new cool places around Montreal with my man and taking pictures
  • Teasing my friends (I’m great at it)
  • Seeing how much my boyfriend loves my cat
  • Re watching Gilmore Girls every year
  • When the weather gets warmer in spring and we act like it’s summer (#Canadian)
  • Drinking sangria on a terrace in the summer
  • Playing board games (FYI catan is the best)
  • Taking the time to do my makeup and hair all nice for a night out
  • Watching sunsets (and sunrise, but I tend to sleep in the morning)
  • Going for hikes with my boyfriend and annoying him by talking for 4 hours straight
  • The colors of autumn (nothing like walking in crunchy leaves)
  • Going to the farmer’s market and getting fresh fruits in the summer
  • Reading a good book all night
  • Walking past a dog park and watching them play for a few minutes
  • Finding a new TV show that I truly love on Netflix
  • Making more money than expected (or finding money on the street)
  • Crying of laughter
  • Taking a warm bath (which I cannot do in my new apartment):
  • Getting a 90 minute massage (OMG yes)
  • Doing everything on my to do list
  • Organizing my closet
  • Swimming (mostly in a lake or the ocean)
  • Reconnecting with people you haven’t seen in a while
  • Remembering old inside jokes with old friends
  • Cuddling with my boyfriend in front of the tv
  • Petting a random cat on the street
  • Ordering food and watching a bad, but so enjoyable chick flick
  • Spending hours at indigo looking at books and decor accessories
  • Taking off my bra when I get home (the best)

What about you?


One Comment Add yours

  1. Katya (sun) says:

    Reading this made me happy 🙂


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