8 things I always wanted to do

To start After the Masquerade, I feel like we should get to know each other better in order to verify if we have any affinities. I’ve discovered that a good way to get a proper idea of who someone is by asking them about their dreams and goals in life. I highly encourage you to ask this to people around you. First of all, you will probably learn things you didn’t know about them, but you will also notice that it creates interesting and empowering conversations.

Anyway, all of this to say that I decided to write a list of things I always wanted to do, but still haven’t done as my weird little introduction. So here I go

  1. Learn a new language by myself in order to do humanitarian work and fully connect with people over there. At the moment, I’m teaching myself Spanish since it is similar to French. (Did you know that French is my first language and having an English blog is a challenge for me? oh well!) Even if I don’t learn any new language, doing humanitarian work will still be one of my life priorities.
  2. Buy a plane ticket spontaneously on my credit card and go on an amazing trip. I will probably cry when I’m back that I’m poor, but who cares! Good memories are always worth it. Or maybe I will be able to afford it and, I will travel all the time!
  3. Actually take care of a blog for a long period of time without erasing everything and starting over. I must have had 100 blogs since I was 12 years old.
  4. Live of a plant based diet almost all the time, cause there’s no way I wouldn’t ever cheat, but I sincerely believe that being vegan/plant based is the future. 
  5. Go to a parallel universe and see a life I could have had if I had made different decisions in the past.  Wait. WHAT? No seriously. That would be so great. 
  6. Write a TV show or a novel for teenagers about love, betrayal and finding who we are meant to be. Right now, I would like to also add some horror and paranormal to it. This is my biggest dream from my childhood.
  7. Have many rescue dogs and cats at my home. Especially since 90% of the time I prefer spending time with my cat rather than people.
  8. Make history. Yes, just that. I have never been a person who dreams of luxury or money. However, I always wanted to be the kind of person that is mention in history books (in a good way of course) and to be honest, I often fantasise about changing the world for the best.

Now that you’re done reading my list, I want to know all about the things you hope to do in the next months or years. Even the completely silly ones!

Chloé xxx


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